The Apprentice


The past few months has been a bit of a journey. Recently I have started a new job, I’ve said goodbye to some of my nearest and dearest as they set off to start a new chapter in their life, I have been titled God Mother and I have learnt to accept that adulthood really is happening.

Despite having 24 years practice, I still consider myself a beginner… an apprentice if you will, so I thought I would share it on here.

From cute fluffy animals, amazing sceneries to eating a box of 20 McNuggets, I will share all things glorious and what life really has to offer. See past the grey, dull days of being stuck in traffic and paying bills. Life isn’t built around that, surely?

My blog is to simply enjoy the little things in life.


Saturday Night Dinning

On Saturday my boyfriend and I went for dinner at our favourite restaurant, Herbie’s Diner. It’s a local diner, just off the A14 in Cambridgeshire.

The beauty of this place is that fact that you are greeted with open arms by the owner, the waiters are genuinely happy to see you and the menu contains a range of choices, all with unique recipes. We managed to wine and dine with 3 courses and drinks for a grand total of £48 (for two people)

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my food, I never go plain or basic. For starters, Jordon and I went for Mozzarella sticks with a spicy tomato salsa dip (sorry, we ate them too quickly to take a photo)

For my main, I went for their newly added ‘route 66’ burger, beef pattie (you can choose your Pattie!) Monterrey Jack cheese, sauted mushrooms finished with a baconaise sauce 🤤

For an extra £1 you can upgrade your chips (Jordon was paying so naturally I went all out) I decided to go for chili beans chips, spicy but tasteful.


Once I cleaned my plate, we asked to see the dessert menu, ya know.. just to have a look 😉

My caramel crunch Sundae was to die for, it was thick and creamy and had such a sweet taste with honey comb chips throughout.


We left Herbie’s with a full stomach and a smile across our face, all you have to do is see the look of love in Jordons eyes as he tastes MY Caramel Sundae.


This place is perfect for families and cute date nights. No it isn’t 5 star michelin with tiny gourmet meals served on an over sized plate. Instead you get a 5 star welcome in a family run restaurant that isn’t chained or over priced. Its nice to see some genuine, unique, quaint places in a world of commercial influence where you only buy something because it’s Instagram worthy or it looks trendy to hold in your hand.

Definitely recommend (we’re now on first named basis with the manger. So they must be doing something right!)